LearningWise Workshops

Classes run 1 to 3 hours; call to arrange scheduling.

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Academic Skills Sharpener / Jump Start Program
Offered and leveled for 1st through 5th grades

Sharpen your skills and soar through the school year with confidence and competence! Reinforce and solidify grade level understanding and concepts and then get a sneak peek into the upcoming year.

We will take it to the next step as we cultivate and practice strategies and specific skills you will need for the next grade level. This is a highly customized class that is designed to strengthen each student's academic needs and differentiated to accommodate individual learning styles. Be prepared to soar through the year with confidence and competence! You will receive a comprehensive portfolio of your work as well as a useful reference guide and practice book.


Organizational, Study, and Test Taking Skills
Offered for 1st through 12th grades

This class is geared for students from elementary school to high school targeting grade appropriate skills and concepts. Specific areas of focus in Study and Test Skills include critical and creative thinking skills, reading, writing, and math strategies, effective memorization, concentration, and test taking skills, as well as approaches to organization, stress reduction, and time management. This course is designed to foster inquiry, analysis, and active reasoning while guiding students through principles, strategies, and various problem solving approaches that help them to become more independent and successful learners.


Offered for pre-kindergarten through Kindergarten

Hands-on experiences incorporating literature, art, science, math designed to promote creativity, literacy, cognitive and language growth. This fun class will enrich your young student's mind and equip your child with new skills necessary for school in the fall.


Novel Study
Offered for 4th through 12th grades

This novel study is geared toward both challenging the voracious reader and motivating the reluctant reader.

Choose a book from a long list of award winning authors and gain an in-depth understanding as we explore every aspect of the novel such as plot development, character analysis, moral dilemmas, and theme. Extension menus, thinking maps, and depth and complexity icons are used as prompts to assist in critical thinking about your reading. By using these tools to understand concepts in a deeper and more complex way, you learn to approach elements of your novel from the point of view of an expert!


Junior Novel Studies
Offered for 1st and 2nd grades

This novel study, geared for younger readers at the lower elementary school level, will take a similar approach to their study of quality literature in order to gain an in depth understanding. Extension menus, thinking maps, and depth and complexity icons are also used as prompts to assist in critical thinking about reading. Come and learn how to approach elements of your novel from the point of view of an expert!


Reading Clinic
Offered for all 1st and 2nd graders; strongly recommended for the struggling reader

Brush up on the rules of phonics and reading fluency while developing your writing skills, comprehension skills, cause and effect, strategies of sequence, inference, and identifying main ideas. Students are evaluated and assessed with appropriate assignments given according to their academic needs. This is a highly individualized program supported with a motivating reward system and nightly reading assignments.


Grammar Guru / Writers Workshop
FlexLeveled for elementary through high school

This workshop offers a complete course in grammar, usage, and mechanics skills with emphasis on the application of these skills to various types of writing, including descriptive, expository nonfiction, narrative, and persuasive writing.

Once you know and understand the rules of grammar and conventions of writing, next year will be a breeze!

You will receive a comprehensive portfolio of your work as well as a useful reference guide and practice book.


Monster Madness
FlexLeveled for kindergarten through 3rd grade

Come discover the mysterious world of monsters, both real and imaginary! Learn about awesome dinosaurs, modern reptiles, great white sharks, the Loch Ness monster, Bigfoot and more! Students explore science through literature, creative writing, math, social studies, art, fun projects, and games.

Expect an exciting visit from the Lizard Wizard and lots of his creepy, crawly friends! Your projects and a "monstrous" portfolio of your work will go home with you.


Time to be MoneyWise
FlexLeveled for elementary grades

Have fun finding the time to shop, buy, and design your own business plan and store! Use your computation skills to work with money, make and check change, project and stay within a budget, and learn how to use and balance a checking account.

You will use concepts of time (clocks as well as calendar) to institute, review, and project your plans.

This is a highly customized class that is differentiated to accommodate individual learning styles and designed to strengthen each student's concepts of money and time, as well as basic math facts.


Game Creation
Offered for 1st through 4th grades

Make a serious study of fun and games! Everybody enjoys playing games, but do you know how to make a game to play with your friends and family?

You will synthesize and extend your knowledge and skills in math, literature, and art to design a game of your very own. Choose a theme based on a favorite book, plan your design, make your own rules, and let your creativity and imagination carry you away!

Are you in a galaxy far away trying to reach new planetary bases while avoiding asteroids, aliens, and other dangers in space, or are you lost in a haunted mansion avoiding ghosts and zombies? Perhaps you are a historical or a mythological character navigating your way through twists and turns of amazing events, or a pirate who sails the seas to find lost treasure.

This is a course designed to promote creativity in learning, fun, and friendly competition. You will take home your game creation to play with friends and family.


Primary: FlexLeveled for 1st through 4th grades
Secondary: FlexLeveled for 5th through 8th grades

From Athena to Zeus, the characters of classical Greek mythology come alive in this fascinating workshop!

This class focuses on the primary characters and most important stories of classical Greek mythology. Discover why these stories are so unforgettable and inspirational, influencing everything from great literature and art, to our cultural roles, to the themes of popular movies and television shows. Choose a hero, god, or goddess from Greek mythology, research a contemporary issue, and craft an essay about your issue from the perspective of the mythological character you chose.

At the end of this course you will have your published and illustrated story to share and take home with you!


Math Decathlon
Offered for 4th through 7th grades

Fun And Games While Learning And Applying Mathematical Concepts

Become a math whiz by applying mathematical concepts and formulas to creativity, fun and games! Design a plane and learn how to chart and figure out the glide ratio as you enter your plane into contests of speed, distance, and aerodynamic tricks. Apply the knowledge you learn about angles, geometry, and measurement to make a kite. Try to win at games of magic and chance as you use the methods of statistics and probability. Compete in our Math Olympiad using math concepts such as problem solving and mathematical reasoning, number sense and numeration, decimals, probability, and fractions.

Games, fun, prizes and much, much more! Who knew learning math could be so much fun?


Hands-On Math Explorations
FlexLeveled for Pre-Kindergarten through 3rd grade

Come discover how math is all around you! We will explore all of the concepts you will cover in the upcoming school year including time, money, measurement, addition, subtraction, and basic math facts. Ensure success this fall and beyond. Strategies and facts will be learned through games and other fun and creative activities.


Writer's Workshop: Crafting the Perfect Essay
FlexLeveled for upper elementary grade levels through high school

Hone your skills and learn how to craft the perfect five paragraph essay.

Apply the six traits of writing (ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, conventions, presentation) as you go through the writing process (prewriting, drafting, revising, proofreading, publishing). We will focus on various writing genres including narrative, informational, and persuasive. Become an accomplished and polished writer the year will be a breeze!

You will receive a portfolio of your published works to take home with you.


Author! Author!
FlexLeveled for upper elementary grade levels through high school.

Become a published author! Learn to improve your writing technique, polish introductions, create smooth transitions, and make conclusions, while learning to add subtlety and detail to your writing by establishing mood and incorporating figurative language such as similes and metaphors.

We will focus on character development, effective use of descriptive language and dialogue, as well as plot development and resolution. You will leave with a published edition of your work to share with family and friends.


Poetry Potions
FlexLeveled for upper elementary grade levels through high school.

This class is designed to familiarize elementary students with a variety of creative and fun ways to engage their imaginations and write poetry!

Your young poet will learn to write various types of poetry including quatrains, haiku, diamante, cinquain, acrostic, pyramid, limericks, and giggle poetry. We will work with figurative language, similes, metaphors, onomatopoeia, alliteration,hyperbole, and personification. This workshop also introduces young writers to a wide range of poets and the poetic styles and techniques that they have incorporated in their own writing.

After this workshop, each student will not only know how to write poetry, but will enjoy reading more poetry because they will have gained a solid understanding of how poetry works. You will take home an impressive published portfolio of your poetry.


A Genre a Day - Bring Reading Your Way
FlexLeveled for elementary grade levels

Explore the elements of the different genres in literature such as realistic fiction, nonfiction, fantasy, biography, fables, fairy tales, folk tales, and more. Depth and complexity icons will be used in order to think critically about a subject matter and understand the literature in a deeper and more complex way. Write and publish a story of your own in a genre of your choice. You will take home a portfolio of your work as well as your published story.


Offered for first through third grades

Travel back through time and learn all about the awesome dinosaurs that once roamed our earth! We will incorporate science, art, reading, writing, and math as we turn our focus on T-Rex, Megalodon, Velociraptor, Stegosaurus, Pterodactyl, and more. What was the earth like when dinosaurs were here? How do scientists find out about the past? Come join us for an archaeological dig and learn all about the dinosaurs through fun activities, games and exciting investigations. You will take home a "Dino-mite" portfolio of your dinosaur research, work and projects.


American Girl Studies
Offered for 1st grade through third grade

Mix history, literature, culture, personal connections, character traits, girls, and dolls and what do you get?

Each American Girl doll is linked to literature with a set of books that introduces readers to a specific period in history through a young girl's eyes. The American Girls are inspirational models of strong, feminine characters who face problems that build character and ultimately overcome adversity through strength and perseverance. We will explore the historical characters and themes, like the American colonies, clashes between early pioneers and Native Americans, escaped slaves, the Depression, and World War II through the perspective of a young girl. Bring your favorite doll along to share in this special learning adventure!


Ocean Discoveries
FlexLeveled for Pre-Kindergarten through 3rd grade

Come explore the oceans of the world, as well as the waters near your home! Learn about the mysteries of the oceans, the predictability of the tides, and the fascinating creatures of the deep ~ Underwater adventures await! You will have fun projects and a personal portfolio to take home with you.


Cinderella Studies
FlexLeveled for elementary grade levels

Compare and contrast Cinderella stories from different cultures around the world. After reading the original fairy tale and cultural variations of Cinderella you will be ready to write your own "culturally specific" Cinderella tale.

While keeping in mind the essential plot elements, you will create a tale starting with a new setting and then embellish your story with illustrations. How about a surfing Cinderella, a science-fiction Cinderella, a high-fashion Cinderella, a hip-hop Cinderella, a gorilla Cinderella? Take your imagination and creativity to the limit!

You will receive a copy of your published fairy tale to take home with you.


FlexLeveled for all ages

Discover how to make delicious and easy treats and create some of your own recipes for yourself, your friends, and your family! Design your own apron and learn about basic nutrition while preparing these tasty, healthy snacks.

Explore the joy of cooking and become "ChefWise!" You will receive a cookbook with the recipes of your culinary creations in addition to your personally designed apron.


Monkey Around with Curious George
FlexLeveled for Pre-Kindergarten through 2nd grade

Curious about learning? The much-loved Curious George series of books is used to teach math, science, drama, art, and of course, reading skills!

Students love reading about the adventures of the little monkey and completing fun, educational activities about his books.


Math Through Literature
FlexLeveled for Pre-Kindergarten through 2nd grade

Math comes alive through the imagination of children’s literature! When math is linked to literature, children who love math become more interested in reading and children who reading become more interested in math.

Discover how readily your child learns math skills and concepts with hands-on math connections!

Clocks, money counting, hundreds chart, place value, teddy gram measurement, graphing, addition, subtraction, multiplication, pattern blocks, and problem solving are some of the concepts your child will explore through active participation and fun hand-on activities, games, crafts, cooking, songs, and more.


Seuss Spectacular
FlexLeveled for Pre-Kindergarten through 2nd grade

Explore the literature of Dr. Seuss as you create fun projects, write your own stories, do creative cooking, explore math and science, make flubbery gak, play games, do arts and crafts and more.

Come join us and discover why this unique children’s writer lights up imagination and learning!


Totally Teddies
FlexLeveled for Pre-Kindergarten through 2nd grade

Grab your favorite furry friend and join the fun and learning with bear-themed literature, arts and crafts, writing, music, math, games, and more!

There will be a celebration on the last day with a special teddy bear picnic. Create a portfolio of your memories and work to take home from your “beary” exciting adventures.