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LearningWise offers academic enrichment and support, customized programs, and workshops for both individuals and small groups.

We use innovative and creative educational programs and activities, as well as traditional teaching methods, to best support the individual needs and learning style of each student.

Discover the abundance of offerings at LearningWise!

Choose from a wide array of classes taught by experienced, credentialed educators. Our individual, semi-private, and group programs are designed to suit each student's specific needs from prekindergarten through high school.

LearningWise programs provide critical mental exercise that can give your child a significant advantage over other students in the class and make a dramatic difference in your child's success.

These sessions can fit the busiest of schedules and are tailored to accommodate your child's learning style and academic needs.

Whether your child is struggling in school and needs to strengthen academic skills or is accelerated and would benefit from a more challenging curriculum, we will work with you to customize a program to target key areas, maximize academic growth and stretch your child's skills.

LearningWise programs are:

Age and grade-level appropriate

Click Course Descriptions.Retina Focused on targeted concepts, subject areas, and skills

Flexible enough to fit the busiest schedules

These individualized programs and curricula make learning engaging, effective, and fun.

LearningWise programs give your child wings to soar through the year with confidence and competence!

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Fee Schedule

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